About Me

Ade WardWhat makes people engage with on-line content is something that has interested me for years. Understanding what people think when they read written content, and knowing what that voice inside of your head is saying to you right now is something that intrigues me.

I built my first website back in the days of dial-up internet access, when you were charged for your connection by the minute!  Since that time  I have produced many successful websites and written lots of web copy. Experience is only part of my journey in on-line communications.  I have spent many years studying how communications work and hold a FdA in eCommunications and a  bachelors degree in communications. I’m also a professionally qualified computer technician and a  computer networking engineer, oh and a qualified e-Mentor.

My clients range from small businesses who are generating income through their website, through to personal blogs and websites that generate income through the use of advertisements.

Notable achievements include:

  • Making my own business website hit the first place on Google for all the relevant search terms
  • Developed several local business websites that generate daily business for their owners
  • Building a website that generates income from online advertising 24 hours per day
  • Writing a blog post that generated over half a million visits within five days

I find communications to be a fascinating subject and one that seems to change daily, due to technology advancement.  For instance, video is now becoming an easy, and acceptable way for people to communicate a message.  The improvement in mobile phone technology and internet speed has made this a possibility.  As things keep advancing we will see the revolution of virtual reality systems appearing in everyday life, this will change the way that we receive communications.  Machines will communicate with humans in such an advanced formula that we will be unable to distinguish if we are interacting with a human, or a machine.  We progress, but the fundamentals of communications will always be relevant.



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