Cognitive Bias

Cognitive biases are tendencies to think in particular ways.  They can deviate us from rational judgement and can be used to influence our ideas.

Understanding how we might be biased towards a particular subject, or how our thoughts may be influenced can give us a better understanding of ourselves, and lead us to make a more appropriate judgement when making decisions.  Although the psychology of cognitive bias is quite a large study area it is one that you should study if you want to influence people.

To start of the section on cognitive bias, have a look at the video below.  It outlines 12 biases in a simple to understand and easy to remember format.

1)Anchoring Bias
2)Availability Heuristic bias
3)Bandwagon Bias
4)Choice Supportive Bias
5)Confirmation Bias
6)Ostrich Bias
7)Outcome Bias
9)Placebo bias
10)Survivorship Bias
11)Selective Perception Bias
12)Blind Spot Bias

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