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Ade Ward, a business owner, website developer and administrator from Sheffied, UK.

Having studied online communications for way too long, and being slightly addicted to the subjectof communications and infleunce, I decided that writing a communications blog might help to exorcise some of the communications demons which are taking up too much space in my small but humble brain.  According to many people (but false) we only use around ten percent of our brain’s capacity.  If this was the case then a good ninety percent of mine is full of stuff relating to online communications.  You might feel that this would be a great advantage, but let us be honest; there is more to life than reading, writing, and analysing communications.

Anyway, enough of the waffle, welcome to Ade Ward’s website about online communications, I will endeavour to keep adding more content on a regular basis, so make sure you bookmark the site and keep checking, or add your email to the box on the right and hit subscribe..

In the digital world of today, we use writing to communicate more than at any other time in history, amazing and true.   Emails, blogs, social media, and mobile phone texting are daily activities for billions of people, each one trying to communicate their thoughts to the best of their abilities through the medium of written communications. We send business emails to instruct people of our wishes, we write blogs, to share our thoughts and knowledge with the world, we use social media to keep up with friends and to placate our social needs, and we use text messaging because it’s a quick and simple way of communicating small amounts of information between people..

Getting written communications right is important.  Fail to get the information across effectively and the audience will not get the message or, worse, could end up getting the wrong message.

There is so much to consider when communicating information to people and getting it right isn’t easy..  Send a badly communicated message to a friend (or your mum) and you might get away with it.  Send a badly written email to a customer or to several million customers, and you have a problem.

Get your written communications right and you will influence, entertain, educate, inform, and build great relationships with your customers.  Get it wrong and your competition will be laughing all the way to the bank.


Ade Ward


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