How to MAKE MONEY from YOUR website or blog

If you are capable of making a basic website, or writing an online blog, then you can easily make yourself enough money to pay for your hosting, buy yourself a new laptop, or even pay for your annual vacation.(apologies for using the Americanization.)

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?  I can tell you now, it’s true, and is a simple secret that many website and blog owners don’t let on about.

Here’s the secret to making money from your website or blog.


Adsense works by placing adverts on your website/blog, that are relevant to your audience.  If, or when, your website visitor clicks on the advert then you will receive a small payment from Google, who then claim a payment directly from the advertiser.  It’s how Google make their money, and  where site owners with busy domains can make quite a lot of money for doing very little.

Through experience I have found that if you generate around 4000 website visitors per month then you will generate around $14 in Adsense earnings.

Obviously, of you don’t already have a website or blog, then you need to get one set-up and  running. If your looking for a domain name and hosting then I recommend heading over to ONE.COM as their prices and service are second to none.  Why pay  more than you need to.

Once you have your website up and running then you need to head over to Google Adsense  and sign up.

After completing the sign-up you will need to wait a short while until Google have approved your application.  Once this is complete you can sign in to Adsense and start adding the adverts to your website or blog.  To add the adverts, all you need to do is log in to Adsense, click on the MyAds tab, and then click New unit.  You then follow the instructions to select the type of advert you require and then click the Get Code link.  You will now see a box with text in it.  Select the text, copy it, and paste this in the area of your website where you want the advert to appear.  Save your site and then view it.  It’s a s simple as that.


Make sure you read and understand the Google Adsense terms and conditions.  What might seem like a fast way to make some quick money from Adsense might be against the rules and will quickly get you banned for life from the Google advertising platform. For instance, you are NOT allowed to ask people to click on ads, neither are you allowed to place the adverts in pop-ups, or anywhere that the user may unintentionally click on the advert.







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