Number ONE Mistake People Make When Selling…

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I’m not going to bore you with a long rambling blog of  why and why-not, nor am I going to waste your time with  TOP TEN ONLINE SELLING TIPS, I’m going to get straight to the point…

When you are selling anything, yes ANYTHING, then always promote the BENEFITS.  Features should be additional information, for use by the buyer once they have decided to buy.   For instance…

When buying a new car, most sales people will start by telling you about all of the amazing features the car has.  How it has 180bhp and a top speed of 165mph, how the leather interior took three whole cows to produce, that it has a reversing camera and parking sensors.  What they always fail with is stating why you should buy it.  In your mind you want them to tell you how it’s reliability is second to none.  How its incredible 70mpg will save you an average £600 per year…more money for your holidays. How its reversing camera and sensors make it safer, and reduce the cost of your insurance premium.  Or how its 180bhp will give you the oomph you need for getting past slow trucks.

The thing is, we really don’t give a toss about features, we want benefits.

The latest iPhone has loads of features, do we give a toss about them?  Really?  No, what we really want to know is how impressed our friends will be when we show them our new phone.  Or alternatively, how embarrassed we will feel when we get our old Ericsson phone out to compose a text.  The last thing we think about are features.

So, when writing any sales information, or product descriptions, start with the BENEFITS.

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