I would not dream of offering my services unless I know they would have real value.  To be honest, I have found that in nearly all cases I make more money for my client than I do for myself.  This is directly a result of how modern day marketing works.  For instance…

A small business website that will give you the tool needed to generate business will cost you just £495.  If you compare this to a press advertisement then you will soon see how having a small business website is the way to success.


WordPress upload and set-up service. 

You have the domain name and the hosting company, but aren’t sure how to upload and set-up WordPress?

Great News…  I will upload the latest version of WordPress to your host server and set-upjust £25/$30.

You can pay me by PayPal or Bank Transfer, cheque or cash, if you’re willing to wait until I receive the money.

You get the Latest version of WordPress uploaded and set up for you.

If this interests you then please email me and we can get things moving and have your website up and running in no time.




Local Press Advert vs Small Business Website

Local Press Advert

  • Is only seen by people who read the paper/magazine
  • People are not searching for your product/service when they see the advert
  • Most people will just ignore the advert
  • Press advertisements are restricted in the amount of information they can contain
  • They are significantly more expensive than advertising online.

Small Business Website

  • Cost 495 including domain registration and hosting (for a full year)
  • Targets people who are searching for your product or service
  • Is published 24 hours per day 365 days  per year
  • Customers can contact you directly through the website
  • Contains more information than a press advert
  • Can be updated easily

If your interested in how a website might help your small business then contact me 

Google Business Places Advertising

If you have ever searched Google for a product or service then you no doubt will have seen the local map that has businesses listed.  If your small business is not listed then get in contact with me today!  Google Business Place listings are essential for local business if they are to succeed at getting their business in front of people.

Get your small business listed on Google Places for only £100.  This includes your Google Business page, editing your listing specifically for your business, and getting your page published.

Contact me for further details. 

Website Administration

Sometimes clients are looking for someone to update the website for them. They already have a business website but it isn’t bringing in the customers they were expecting. or they want their website improving.  If this is you then I can offer this service at an hourly rate that is very competitive, and probably a lot cheaper than paying your web design company to do the job for you.

To find out more please get in contact

I am based in Sheffield UK but am available to take on projects from any area.