Top Tips for Writing Sales Advertisements

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It doesn’t really matter if you’re writing for online sales or writing an advert for a paper publication, these Top Tips will help you write a professional pitch that will get customers pleading to buy the product or service again and again.


  1. Who are You Trying to impress?
    Before writing anything you need to know who will be reading your words of wisdom. People from differing age groups, gender, social backgrounds, and location, need to be considered when writing adverts.  For instance, the language used by teenagers can differ greatly from that used by the elder generation.  A word such as ‘wicked’ can even have the exact opposite meaning depending on your age.  A similar confusion can occur when writing for people from different social backgrounds, what can appear to be expensive to one person, may appear to be quite cheap to another.   Making sure you know who your potential customer is will help you to target them more effectively.  Also, remember that your advert will probably be only read by a single person, so write directly to them, and not to a group of people.  For instance, I know you will like this, and not….I know you will all like this.
  1. What’s in it for the Customer?
    Your potential customer doesn’t really care how amazing you are, how long you have been in business, or how many people you employ.  Neither are your potential customers going to be motivated by your product or services features. What they really want to know is how it will benefit them.  Will it make their life easier, save them money, time, save them worry, make them feel great, look amazing, be irresistible, solve a problem and you’re on to a winner.


  1. Appeal to their Emotions
    We just don’t make amazing birthday cakes, we help make memories that last a lifetime’
    Aristotle, the great Greek philosopher developed a theory of influence which could be used to persuade people.  Within this theory he used an ingredient known as ‘pathos.’   Pathos is the appeal of emotion and this is something that you can use to help your potential customer make the decision to buy.
  1. Answer their Questions Before They Ask.
    Your customer will not buy if they have questions they need answering, so, make sure you answer them before they need to ask. Is there a guarantee? What if I don’t like it? How much does it weigh?  Is there any extra expense?  These basic questions can be answered in your sales copy and will go a long way towards helping your customer committing to buy.
  2. Build Trust.
    You’ve probably seen the adverts saying how many cat owners prefer a certain brand, or X percent of women said their hair looked amazing after just 3 washes…What the writer is showing is that if other people like the product, then there is every reason you will. This is why famous people get paid fortunes to endorse products, if David Beckham says a certain brand is his favourite, then it must be good, right?   Showing your potential customer that other people have bought your product/or service, and that they liked it will help to sell the idea to them.
  3. Give them a Reference when Providing a Price Offer.
    Using a line like ‘Only £99’ will not do much to influence your potential customer, unless you’re selling to a customer who knows your product or service well. You need to provider some type of reference for the.  For instance, ‘RRP £199 Our Price £99’ or, ‘Special Offer…Was £89.99 now only £49!’  Without having something to reference your price to, your potential customer must determine if the product or service is worth the amount you are asking.
  4. Time is NOT Priceless
    if you are going to have an offer, then also have a time limit. Offer available until Friday, or ‘Only while stock lasts’.  Giving the customer a sense of urgency. If they don’t pick up the phone, or buy the product now, then they may miss out on the opportunity.  You will see this ploy used all the time in sales literature, so use it in yours.
  5. Save them thinking time.
    I see this all the time when reading website copy, or press adverts.  Everything is there, except the CALL To ACTION.  Humans are lazy, they don’t like to work things out for themselves, they like to have direction and they love being told what to do.  So, make sure you tell them.  If you want them to call you, then tell them ’Call me on 0123456780.  Or if you want them to purchase a product online make sure you have the ‘Buy Now’ button.
  1. A Picture Paints a Thousand Words.
    But only if it is relevant to the information you are trying to get across.   Use images to enhance your message, but make sure they are relevant to your audience.
  1. Proof Read
    Get your advert or sales copy proof read by someone, ideally someone who is independent from you. Getting your partner, or mum, to proof read your copy probably will not be in your best interests. They are too emotionally close to you and will probably just say ‘yes, it’s fine.’  If you can’t find anyone, then do your own proof reading, but make sure you double check every word, comma, full stop.  Also, be sure to double check things like names, email addresses, and phone numbers.  It’s easy to miss a digit from a list of numbers, or to misspell someone’s name.  Always check, and check again before finalising your advert or sales copy.

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